In dept descriptions:

1.MAC BLUSH IN PINCH ME: I’m a NW35, this blush is perfect to give me a nice flush. Gives a rosy snow white type of feel. It instantly makes me look more awake. Whenever i’m running late, I put this on plus mascara and it makes a world of a difference. One of my followers hesitated on buying this because of her olive skin tone. AND YES IT LOOKS GREAT. It’s a powder so you can really pack it on or add just a hint of it.

TOO-FACED SHADOW INSURANCE: Eye shadow stayed on all day. Doesn’t crease. 18 is way too much but I’ve been wearing eye shadow more recently so I wanted to invest in a primer. It’s good. Trying to find a cheaper alternative, don’t think i will.

URBAN DECAY 24/7 CONCEALER PENCIL: I didn’t even know this existed. It’s great. Great coverage, don’t dry up. Covers the darkest of circles, like mine. I like how I don’t have to sharpen in and only have to twist the bottom. I really recommend this concealer. Great. Great.

MAYBELLINE BLACK GEL LINER: Last all day. Very smooth and creamy. My friend told me they are comparing this with the Bobbi Brown Eyeliner. This is the 2nd time I’ve bought this, and wear it everyday.

NYX JUMBO EYE PENCIL DARK BROWN: Cheap, creamy and looks great under dark eye shadow. I’ve been using this a lot. I apply it all over my lid, smudge it all over my lid, apply my eye shadow. Great for a night out. No need for a primer if you’re using this.  

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